Monday, 30 August 2010

Bring Tha Rukkas......

Thats right,its been a long time comin but the selecta/producer named 'Scoundrel' has made the change too 'Rukkas' after finding out there was another Scoundrel in this world....and what a lovely guy/great DJ he is....
After trying many names,freaking out too a certain extent and badgering his soundboys for help he decided too ask his mum..... 'what?' he said too his mother, 'what would you have called me instead of my real name now?'
"well,Rukkas son,obviously' She replied...
And so he was born and heres his latest tune entitled 'Mincer'


To go with this new name,new style and new look Rukkas has been kind enough too spend a while in tha studio craftin a new mix for you too download for you Iplods....


Still stickin too his trademark dubstep style,yet adding in a bit more of a tropical flavour this 14 min minimix has got everything you need,unless your after meledoic-cross-harmonising-folkstep
Let him know what you think here

BoooOoOoOOOOOooOOoOOooooom ting!!!!!!


big tings we inna!

the pair known as THE ORIGINATORS, (mighty mighty J and General Law) are out reppin' in Tanzania with the white ribbon alliance for motherhood . He's been good enough to send us this update::::

".......Three hours to go till the Mighty J (he's from Glastonbury Festival dont ya know) steps up to reprezent in the heart of Tanzania. The soundsystem rocked up on the back of a pick up, and all the ornaments on the shelf were taken down. Precautios; maybe a tad.

Pressures on. Ok shout outs to the Bridgwater Reggae Sound System. Reppin, always reppin. Mighty J originating from the BRSS steppin up for his African debut. Check out there blog ( these boys mean business, and are going to be the forefront of the UK soundsystem culture in years to come. Guaranteed. Plus they have been working tightly with the WRA over the last few years. Contributing to WRA work in Orissa, India. Check the bottom of this page (
"Mighty J from the UK playing reggae and raggaton, make some noise.....". Massive. Had to do battle with DJ Terry for deck time, some things never change, but a great night in all. Warmed up with some "oldies" and "sweet reggae" then Terry launched into a cheesy dance set which included the Macarina and Here Come the Girls (real jamaican flava). At 1 am Terry was off, and the man from Glastonbury stepped up. Refix.

Some big tunes being played and some massive respect being shown. Huge night all round. Went on till 4am with the Mzungo and Swahili crowd still vibeing. The people from Dar can definitly party, so massive props all round. Might even do it again tonight?

Some of the pics from the 'End of Month Party'...

There you go fam - latest manouvres from AFRIKAHHHHH, BRSS reppin international - big love to the general...

And yeah, today is carnival - so, heres a favourite hot nu joint for your listening....

From man they call redlight... you dun know KARNIVAL!!!

One love, the BRSS fam x   

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Big on the blogesphere at the moment is MOOMBAHTON. A genre spawned from Dave Nada we are lead to believe......what is it and how did it begin, well this is what the man himself had to say..........

My little cousin Jean-Pierre is a huge Nadastrom fan and he’s about to graduate from high school. Him and his boy Mike are notorious for throwing these wild skipping parties. For those that don’t know, “skipping parties” are when you throw a house party mid school day and you tell all your friends that morning, and everyone who knows about the party skips school to go wild out. Word of mouth only too, no internet/paper trail. Anyhow, around their homecoming last fall they asked if I could DJ one of their skipping parties, and I, being the supportive/bad seed cousin that I am, agreed. They had a beat up system, but like 329439 speakers all over Mike’s basement so it sounded huge. They told me it would last about an hour because cops usually bust it up. The house/neighborhood was right by the woods so it was convenient to bounce and hide if need be. Anyhow, so here we are at Mike’s empty house around 11:30AM and everything is set up. Kids start pouring in around noon and the music starts. Mike and JP are dropping bachata and moving into reggaeton. This shit was getting crazy. Twenty minutes in and the place is PACKED, all Latin kids and everyone is fuuuucked up. Haha! I was gettin mad nervous (oldest dude there) and JP was like, “Yo you gotta go on soon primo!” and I’m thinking, fuck I cant play house/techno shit, I’ll get jumped. So I had the idea of slowing down some of the tropical/Dutch house stuff I had on CDs. Afrojack’s “Moombah Remix” being the biggest tune, I said fuck it and turned that shit down to 108 bpm. JP told all his people about me so bamas started cheering when I went on. And that’s when shit popped the fuck off. The minute that T-t-t-t-turn up the bass! part came in and dropped the place went insane! I played it all the way til the end and then did the same to Sidney Samson’s “Riverside” and EVERYONE is yelling the “Riverside motherfucker!” part and shit was just too much. I was losin’ it and told myself, I need to make some edits of this shit! And thus, Moombahton was born
Read more:

Its a sound that the BRSS have been digging of late and in an attempted to share it with you our very own Mincewa has recorded a hour long mix of MOOMBA-WA for you listening pleasure. FREE DOWNLOAD so bang that on your Ipood and get skanking....................

 MOOMBA-WA Vol 1 Mincewa by MINCEWA (The BRSS) 

Words from the mincewa........"so I've tried to include all the different vibes of moombahton that I'm feeling at the moment so hopefully theres a little summin for everyone, I get the feeling that this is gunna be marmite it or hate it I think its got a sexy vibe like bashment.....get low bitches!"


Monday, 23 August 2010


Ok so Magic Monday was a little different this week, a slight technical issue in Gastonbury meant St Annes and the Rumble Shack were completely off-line. Basically a tree took out the phone line and BT don't seem to do speedy fix jobs!   But true to form we didn't let that stop us........ "BRSS run ting, ting a nah run we"...........

Holed up deep in the Rumble Shack studio the BRSS selectas set about recording a MONSTA podcast.....five hours later we pressed stop! This will soon be availible for your listening pleasure :) A true mashup of all styles, 
it includes sets from:

Dub Pikey Vs. Scoundrel
Dub Pikey Vs. Mincewa
Kinky Leighton
Troutmaster 3000 and....

Im so excited I could wee!

To keep you entertained for now heres a tune that the Mincewa is really feeling at the moment and the videos sick! Something a little bit different from what you normally here from the BRSS but you gotta keep a open mind to this music thing, makes it more fun. 

Enjoy, peas and love my breadbins, Mincewa over and out.......x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

New circus records about too drop.....!

Yes yes BRSS followers!!! 

After checkin the emails this afternoon i was nothing but delighted too see a message from circus records in me box with an exclusive promo of their new digital release,set too hit online shops on Monday 23rd......

Of course,
A track like sweet shop needs no introduction,but what could be better than a remix of it  from Flux Pavilion and a vocal take on it from one of dubsteps fast rising stars P Money..

  Doctor P feat P Money - Sweet Shop Vocal Mix clip by BRSS Blogspot

  Doctor P - Sweet Shop Flux Pavilion Remix clip by BRSS Blogspot

I personally aint too keen on the vocal remix,just sounds a bit forced and like Pikeys says,most tunes deserve a vocal,but that one definitely does not....
Either way guys,keep your eyes out and wallets open for this one guys,gunna be bbbiiigggg!!!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Latest News From Tha BRSS


Dont talk too me bout no salmon........

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Thats right exclusively available as a free download for all our Bloggers a new monsta live session from the Mincewa.  

Cop it here...........

If you like that check out more of Mincewa  in the mixwa here.................

Bless x

Monday, 9 August 2010

Moleskin Magic Monday Mash up Volume I

Last monday I , the one and only Moleskin, had the chance to record a mix in the infamaous St. Anne's studio, while the rest of the boys were checking their facebooks. What ensued was a long bout with a set of "vintage" CDJs but I emerged on the other side regardless. A week later shouts out have been added (big ups Toddla T and Serocee) and it's been uploaded to Soundcloud. ZING!

   moleskin carnival mash up by Moleskin


Yes yes and yes again,its that time of tha week again,the boys are sat firmly on their bums,coffee in one hand,laptop balanced on the leg with a spliff in the mouth and dubs blazing pon the speaker....(If only every day at work was like this....)

After a quick scout on tha harddrives the boys have accidentally found tunes from back in tha day! This one is a collaboration of talents from the one like Scoundrel and the one they call,hang on is it the 'Manouver'? tha 'Graygo'? tha 'Dub Pikey'??? Anyway,who knows,all we know is that mana got ear for a tune and can translate that ear too writin tune....
Heres their first tune 'Dubplate 1' up for free download!!! Click here
If you like it let tha boys know inum!!!!

Latesrt flyer for the riflemans gig...big ups too tha Desire on this one each and every.....
Check here for his latest doodles,scribblings and dribblings....

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Kinky Sundays - New Mix up for download

Big ups fam,
well so far this weeks been quite an entertaining one what with finding a dog that can scratch on you tube for starters (no jokes check this lil fella rockin the ones n two's).

and if you haven't seen this yet you really must, been top of the brss playlist for 2 weeks now.

To round off the post today Kinky Leighton's alter ego Troutmaster3000's only gone n had a massive sort out of the ever growing tune library from deep in the volts and gone n bashed out a classic trout house mix for ya'll to wet your ears upon, tis laden with house, electro and uk funky beats - some new some old,
all i can say is you best be learnin to do the trout...
Up for free download

A.k.a. kinky leighton -slap dat salmon yous a fine trout by Troutmaster3000

Easy now

Friday, 6 August 2010


Aight - in case your at risk of gettin bored of music cos you aint heard a new style in like a whole 3 minutes, then fear not - tha South Wests 'DJ with the Oldest hat 2010' (fa real- dun test!) has been on an exhustion driven tune hunt thru the online depths - and, he's only gone n bloody slung em into a 20 minute minimix..., AND , he's only fuckin' givin it away for free download - Diamond - Good Lad. 


dis and more downloads from all tha fam are available here on our SOUNDCLOUD


Next Saturday (August 14th) BRSS gwarn MASH-UP-DI-PLACE inna tha Riflemans Arms

It's Short notice so be sure to spread tha word - Mi like it ROADBLOCK!

Foundation selectas at tha controls playin ALL STYLES of bass music spawned from the birth of soundsystem Culure in Jamaica in the '70s - (anyfing electronic and BASSY)

Click 'HELL YEAH' to reach tha event invite on FACEBOOK for all tha info

10kw BRSS Sound. - way too many speakers for the size of the room....( know 'sow we do!)


Enjoy Fam - Big up ur Badselves - 

Stay Tuned for tha Latest


Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Fresh Rottun Scoundrel........x

Yes yes its blog time again for all you blog hungry,tune thirsty internet goers...
This week,tha one like Scoundrel has been in tha studio,twiddlin them buttons,twistin them knobs and pullin them lever (He's got levers in his studio....?!?!)
Through all tha madness,all the smoke,drum hits,BIG basslines and bleeps and squeeks he has emerged,triumphant clutching the preview of his latest tune 'Mash Up Tha Place' and here it is for all you lovely people too hear in all its glory...

  Scoundrel - Mash Up Tha Place by Scoundrel [The BRSS]

If you happen too be a DJ,then get in touch with tha Scoundrel here for a 320 of this tune or any of his others....

Remember....check out tha BRSS for booking info on Scoundrel or any of the other AMAZING artists they have too offer,lighting/decor ideas and very,very competitive rig hire..............(Dog not included)

Well,he may come along but he's extra.........

Monday, 2 August 2010

News from Magic Monday....

Monday is our allotted day of tha week,when a bunch of tha BRSS tribe get together to mash up tunes/ideas and get on the case...
Every week you can expect an update from tha Magic Monday sessions....

This Week;

1/ BRSS' Essentials Fa A Road Trip

Most weeks,tha BRSS are pon tha road,on yet another adventure.... The saturday just gone being tha longest yet, 7 hour drive too tha lake district followed by 9 hours straight DJing then followed by a 7 hour drive straight back home.....!

Proving too be tha most strain on us as soundboys,we feared other crews maybe enduring tha same kind of journies as us without tha same knowledge we now posses,so we decided in our relentless fuelled-body-jibbing-trash-talking sessions that we would write tha ultimate guide too what ANY soundboy should have on tha road,see tha list....

The only thing we feel (in hindsight) looking back that we may have missed is;
* If you can,get a driver
* If not, have a 'drivers hand' (Someone too roll fags,open drinks etc)
* Someone too keep an eye out for tha feds

2/MOLESKIN Studio lockdown....

After nuff hype bout the southwests hottest nu talent - tha BRSS hooded n bundled tha MOLESKIN inna tha reggae bus n got him locked Down in tha BRSS studio at tha st. annes yard to record his latest and greatest (manna got electric shock from pickin these tunes - so fresh he's fisted many stars harddrives to retrive 'em)

Some call him cat stevens, some call him yusef islam, others call him tha moleskin.....  keep locked on tha BRSS soundcloud for that mix - comin atcha free soon as he's wrapped.


Hard at work in tha office.....

The admin wing of our massive corporate empire have been working round the clock to piece together tha manky jigsaw of our schedule and we now have a sweet up to date diary of what we up to. Check out tha info here, here and here.

If you wanna get in touch to see if we around to come mash-up ur yard then hit us up with an email at, or hit us up on facebook.

Strictly Come Dubbin 25th August @ The Riflemans Arms,Glastonbury

Yes fam!

Essential irie vibrations too make you wine up your waist....

Tha Bridgwater Reggae Soundsystem are back once again at the end of the month,if you like your music free and served on a red,gold and green platter then you are going too love this.....

For a peek at what goes on at a typical Strictly Come Dubbin Night wrap your ears round this one,its tha Dub Pikey b2b Scoundrel at the last one,listen live online or download it straight away for your MP3 playa.....

The lovely Riflemans Arms has a lush large terraced smoking area with beautiful views and relaxed atmosphere,hosting BRSS BBQ's during the summer months.

Add them on facebook here....
Having just been voted 'Best Live Music Pub' in the southwest and short listed too 1 of 8 for best in the whole of the uk out of the 50,000 pubs. They are well worth checking out, be it for us, or for ANY night they have on, its bound to be good!!!!!
Vote for the Riflemans too win 'Best Live Music Pub In UK' go here;

Can't wait to see you down there,come see what we do..............

Blessins and one love......x

Yes yes!!! Tha BRSS finally joining the world of bloggin

Yes fam,
Feeling a little left behind in todays world of blogging and what not and fresh back from shreddin Kendal callin festival (Furthest north we EVER been) the brss have decided to get stuck in and create themselves a blog......

After setting the rig up for some promo shots the boys wanted too get involved.....
(OBVIOUSLY there is some selecta's missing from this wonderful shot,big ups The Mighty J,Moleskin,La Luka & Krausey,Dub Quercus,Markie B and The General)

Keep your ears peeled for exclusive free mixes/mash-ups/tunes and your eyes peeled for show dates/pictures/funny stories and anything else weird and wonderful from the BRSS's actioned packed life on tha road....

For starters heres the freshest mix from tha Dub Pikey;

 Ere mate, ya usin them dubs mate.. [DUB PIKEY - minimashabizness - Free Download] by TheBRSS

The BRSS would also like too say a special thank you too the WELLFAIRYS that booked us too play Kendal calling,who,looked after us from the minute we got there,kept us smiling all night and had the perfect attitude towards doing what we all love.

Let us know what you think about us,the blog or ANYTHING we do.....for more info on us check out our facebook page or group,hit us up on or for booking info/soundsystem hire email

If your an up-comin producer and would like your tunes published on our blog,played by our DJ's on our soundsystem,remixed by one of our many producers or just for us too have a listen too then hit up our drop box (link on right of page) or send us a direct email too

One love too all our bredda and sista......x