Monday, 30 August 2010


big tings we inna!

the pair known as THE ORIGINATORS, (mighty mighty J and General Law) are out reppin' in Tanzania with the white ribbon alliance for motherhood . He's been good enough to send us this update::::

".......Three hours to go till the Mighty J (he's from Glastonbury Festival dont ya know) steps up to reprezent in the heart of Tanzania. The soundsystem rocked up on the back of a pick up, and all the ornaments on the shelf were taken down. Precautios; maybe a tad.

Pressures on. Ok shout outs to the Bridgwater Reggae Sound System. Reppin, always reppin. Mighty J originating from the BRSS steppin up for his African debut. Check out there blog ( these boys mean business, and are going to be the forefront of the UK soundsystem culture in years to come. Guaranteed. Plus they have been working tightly with the WRA over the last few years. Contributing to WRA work in Orissa, India. Check the bottom of this page (
"Mighty J from the UK playing reggae and raggaton, make some noise.....". Massive. Had to do battle with DJ Terry for deck time, some things never change, but a great night in all. Warmed up with some "oldies" and "sweet reggae" then Terry launched into a cheesy dance set which included the Macarina and Here Come the Girls (real jamaican flava). At 1 am Terry was off, and the man from Glastonbury stepped up. Refix.

Some big tunes being played and some massive respect being shown. Huge night all round. Went on till 4am with the Mzungo and Swahili crowd still vibeing. The people from Dar can definitly party, so massive props all round. Might even do it again tonight?

Some of the pics from the 'End of Month Party'...

There you go fam - latest manouvres from AFRIKAHHHHH, BRSS reppin international - big love to the general...

And yeah, today is carnival - so, heres a favourite hot nu joint for your listening....

From man they call redlight... you dun know KARNIVAL!!!

One love, the BRSS fam x   

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