Monday, 6 September 2010

All Aboard the ZION TRAIN!!! + Free Dub Mix Download...

TOOT TOOT!!! The undisputed originators of Dub-Dance music - Zion Train are rocking into the yard and we be honoured to be settin the pace n supporting them.

We sure you know, but for those who don't, Neil Perch n Crew re-energised dub music in the early nineties and crafted the original roots/steppers/techno crossover kings. Without this we'd probably not be doin what we're doing today, as we'd probably not have many of the styles we play today (dubstep/bouncehall/fidget/funky) SO RECOGNIZE! ...Not only that, but the Perch, Dubdadda n the fam have continued for over 15 years to keep pushing the envelope and evolving the sound - and not go all stadium cock-rock-star like shitty Dreadzone (sorry, but yeah, we got issues, they arrogant man)

Be sure to check out Zion Trains Label - UNIVERSAL EGG - HERE, for all the latest on Europes finest house of dub

They really are my personal favourite live act, with deep driving sub bass, the crispiest live horn section you will ever hear, and DUBDADDA, the best frontman on the circuit, hyping the crowd into a frenzy. To celebrate, DUB PIKEY got his fyah bun n got lockdown for a downloadable mix of deep sinister sufferers dubs - play or download below

   Sufferers Selections - Strictly Roots [DUB PIKEY - BRSS - Bridgwater Reggae Soundsystem] by DUB PIKEY

OCT 22nd
Glastonbury Town Hall

Huge Rig n Mad Visuals...

BIG UPS one and all.... Bless

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