Monday, 20 September 2010

Kinky's magic monday round-up

this man knows bout shoes.........

Yes all, another magic monday passes by - shouts to our boys mincwa who in college now n the moleskin who gone n ran off to Leeds - i know mana gone crazy..............

anyhows we been in the lab prepin for the months to come smoking bare fags n drinkin muchos coffee sat on the lappy t's so be sure to check the myspace for updates on upcomin shows n ting here

Tunage time,,,,,,,

So first up Justin Martin & Ardalan - Mr Spock
if you aint heard this yet you gotta listen one of the best tech house tunes ive ever heard the drop is unreal, Justin Martins been seriously smashing it up lately and with beats like this coming out i can see why - props from BRSS go out to dirtybird records (

Yesterday i noticed a neat lil moombahton ep up for free download from Heartbreak & Munchi really diggin the beatnuts-watch out now jam, be sure to check their page to pick up a copy theres also loadsa good links on there.

On a more electro house tip cant wait to get a copy of this killa rework of boogie nights from none other than the mighty Far Too Loud and Alex mind, need i say more..... gonna be massive

  Far Too Loud & Alex Mind - Bring Back Boogie [preview clip] by Far Too Loud

Uppermost - you must have heard of this guy if your into electronic music, mans got serious talent which shows no matter what style he throws himself into and thats quite the achievment. Been a fair bit of activity on his soundcloud last couple of days and im really feeling this one, the groove and bass really give a tip top swagger to this beat

  Uppermost - MSOT by uppermost

And heres a track i just cant get enough of these last few months its huge,

Lastly can't believe i never heard of this guy before.... a fellow welshman going under the name Hostile who seems to have developed a style very appropriately named as grimehall (i was sold on the genre title....) which is a mashup of raggae/dancehall vocals with grimey/breaksy beats and dirty basslines - now thats dutty...
and to top it all hes only letting us all download it for free from his soundcloud..
heres a preview of whats to come from his next lot -  madman dubz volume 3

  Limb By Limb *MADMAN DUBS Vol.3 COMING SOON!!* by hostile

Well guess all that needs to be said now is big ups to you all and keep your eyes open for more BRSS goodness in the future

Oh and make sure you check the post below because no jokes Rukkas only gone n done the illest carnivaltastic remix of  Redlight n ms Dynamite - 'what you talkin bout'


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