Monday, 20 September 2010

New Tings New People New Stuff - Habstrakt/Diesel/Rukkas - Wheelie Fresh!!!!

Yes yes!

Its been a while,many things have been goin on,many speakers been moved and many an ear drum rattlin', but whats really caused a stir in the BRSS yard today is our man HABSTRAKT.
After receiving some very positive comments on the RUKKAS soundcloud from the man himself we decided too check him out,needless too say we were blown away by his and the people he surrounds himself with's production skills.
I chatted too him for a while and he sent me across some tunes,needless too say we got a coffee and big spliff on the go immediately,sat around the table and had a bloody good listen and ive gotta say,we enjoyed every minute of it.
Our particular favourite on his page is the 'Silent Frequencies & Habstrakt - God Of Death' 
The sounds,the layout and the progression of the tune is absolutely excellent,it does everything you want it too do in all the right places,but somehow without becoming tiresome and forced,which is one of the hardest things too do in dance music in my opinion.

I believe this guy and the people he is working with are going too do very well,the only trouble is he is situated in france,which isnt the best for a up-coming producer,so if you are reading this,check the rest of this guys tunes out and consider getting him over too your country too tear it up......

Now onto something a bit messier and harder too keep up with,ive found myself blurrey-eyed in the car at 8 in the morning frantically prodding at the ipod trying too get this song too play too wake me up and make sure i at least drive with my eyes open too work,this seems too do the trick at the moment,its the craziest thing ive heard in a while....out too Diesel on this >>> find more of his stuff here

Hopefully anyones that got this far on the blog understands just how big Redlight - What You Talkin About?! is.....
After downloading the acapella,RUKKAS decided he wanted a more,upbeat,carnival infused version,so he went ahead and made this....what a guy....

If you want a copy get in touch here.....

Well thats all from we (for 5 mins or so.....) big ups!

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