Monday, 11 October 2010


You can tell how good your podcast is by measuring how tidy your garage is...

...That's what the BRSS fam who attended this magic monday were to find out. Today, DUB PIKEY, RUKKAS and, the man who came all the way from Leeds for the occassion, tha MOLESKIN (aka Yusef Islam aka the artist formerly know as cat stevens, aka the foreskin) , banged on the coffee, rolled a millon Zena Badawis, and got MASH UP inna St. Annes yard - home of the BRSS...

3 Hours Later, we emerged with this....

HERE:HERE:HERE:HERE:HERE                                       ( not here)

-please hit us up with some feedback, we like to know what you think cos you're who we play this stuff for. We love seeing the dancefloor smiling back at us liking what we droppin' - also, we happy to give you tune ID for most of this mix - just tell us what point the tune you haffi know is and we'll sort you out-

We thought after this, as it was such a beautiful rare sunny october day, that we'd have a listen back to the 'cast in the garage whilst tidying up our cable boxes and dust off the sound.

We got so into it that 3 hours, and 15 bin bags of shit later, the garage is spruced to the max, top to the bottom, roof hovered, fuckin gleaming. It's a 2 thumbs up then on the podcast. hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.


Manna they call tha RUKKUS has been maneouvreing all over the shop of late, making bare linkage, and one of the hottest of these has been linking with the ridiculously lush crew down at WONK#AY  RECORDS in Brighton. A tight crew of insanely talented producers and Djs, rinsing all things bass, they were kind enough to invite us along to play at their FREE PARTY at our favourite Brighton bass station, THE VOLKS. (incidently, the volks is the only venue we've ever wheeled the rig into, where a concerned looking landlord walks over and asks, " guys, I don't wanna be a bother, and I know you wanna play on your sound but, um, I thought maybe if we linked up your rig with our rig, then that'll just be twice as fuckin loud wont it!")

Needless to say it was a banging night, PIKEY and TROUTMASTER 3000 had a Mash-up, and then Brighton was treated to a rare flat-out no bullshit dubstep set from the RUKKAS (keep your eyes peeled for a forthcoming release from RUKKAS with these guys.

Volks was one out, one in from 12 midnight, all the way till 4.30 in the morning ---R O A D B L O C K!!!!
Big ups to the girls who came for the drive and giggles, trouty for his marathon driving skills, and all the fam who linked up at the event - think the South west boys n girls dominated half the venue!



Heres a 'ikkle ting I came across couple days back - Some serious dutty action from Taranchyla on the Basik Instinct Riddim... in honour of the MIGHTY J steppin up at short notice at strictly come dubbing a couple weeks back - Link to facebook info for the next SCD here 

Bless All

tha BRSS 

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