Monday, 25 October 2010



Little history lesson peeps - If ya dun know - mana they call the GENERAL LAW is THE original BRSS soundbwoy. Along with his father, the legendary MIGHTY MIGHTY J, the General sowed the seed of the BRSS in a dank as fuck working mans club in Bridgwater back in 2005. Second tuesday of every month saw General roll out the 'shit disco', (an ancient all in one soundsystem, predating the crossfader, with turntables covered in snooker table baize)-  a BBQ would be lit in the beer garden, and a selection of lovers, Chav DnB, and UKHH would run on the sound. The night was free and a dontation tin would be passed around for our awesome chosen charity, the white ribbon alliance for motherhood.

These our our humble roots - and we're proud of em.

General has since branched out and is now living in Brighton - still reppin for the BRSS family, and also a regular for ROOTS RENEGADE  soundsystem, and various UKHH events. 

The General also went to Orissa in India to check out the work the White Ribbon were able to do with some of our donation money, and more recently - headed to Tanzania to rep for the WRA (white ribbon alliance) and also be the first BRSS selectah to session in Afrika - alsongide the MIGHTY J, and Tanzanias own DJ TERRY (

And... finally, the man with the world record for longest rewind in a live set (10 minutes!) has gone digital and slapped together a mini mix for our collective listening pleasures - so 'ere be- enjoi

     Clunk Patty by General Law [The BRSS]


Monday before last - mana they call the MOLESKIN     skillfully navigated his chopper onto the BRSS helipad at St. Annes, and generously banged out a podcast for you listening pleasure... It's free to download and has got so many cool nu tunes I had to seek counselling to recover. Get involved


Big name actors from the 80's Hollywood action genre aren't generally synonymous with Dutty freak out pussy lovin dancehall but that could all be about to change.... 
   Steven Seagalm star of such awesome fils as 'on deadly ground', has taken time out from his normal activities to collaborate with LADY SAW  on a killa new tune STRUT. 

Yeah that's right BELIEVE! Expect to hear this soon on the BRSS. As well as this, Mr. Seagal (yea Mr. - respect!) is a celebrity figurehead for the radical US faction of 'LAWFUL REBELLION' , If you dun know bout this movement- you really should- it concerns each and everyone of us, and the pressure exerterted on us by babylon that makes everyday existence such a struggle. Click the link and liberate yourselves a bit. To accompany such radical reading, we recommend you press play on this:::::

Till next time - KEEP IT IRIE!!!

....Strictly Come Dubbing - This wednesday at the rifes - Click for info

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