Monday, 6 December 2010

Its a magic monday ting n its been far too long....

Yes Brss fam its been a few weeks since our last post, been busy times here at the camp sortin out new tings and general Brss stuff... Big ups to all those that made it on saturday for our first house night at the rifes was a quality evening indeed even with the rain outside. Talking of rain big love to my good friend on the other side of the world who i was just lucky enough to chat with, hopefully the sun will be out to play for ya soon...

First up i wanna show a massive amount of respect to a producer i believe is making some of the best underground house music at the moment a man known as Stuff ya disco fresh outa Bournmouth who was kind enough to share some beats with me recently and i can assure you they've been smashing the dancefloors everytime - big ups rob
If you aint heard of this guy yet you need to make sure you hit up his soundcloud/facebook and show plenty of support 

One of my favourite tracks has gotta be his remix of  
Punx Soundcheck - Keep it Flowin
Seriously tear out bassline thats gotta get any booty shakin...

  Punx Soundcheck - Keep it Flowin (Stuff ya Disco remix) by Stuff ya Disco 

Also this track got me started, absolute party player - killer sample
Stuff ya Disco - Jazz Rags

  Stuff ya Disco - Jazz Rags by Stuff ya Disco

Fresh out today on burn the fire is new Valerna & Mr. White track Think It Over 
looks to be pretty hot indeed..

  Valerna & Mr. White - Think It Over by Valerna

 So just finished booking for next strictly come dubbin and we got a hot new 10 piece dub influenced band lined up for all your aural pleasures known as Onlyjoe brought to you from Organix crew playing a fusion of Reggae, Dancehall, Dub, Dubstep and Jungle
Now whats not to like about that...............
Check out their web info to learn more

heres a tune they got up for free download to enjoy

  easton riddim by onlyjoe

Finally after speaking with fresh dubz Crago this morning he pointed me in the direction of this Australian banger from Scattermusic soundsystem ft Serrocee and its up for free download too,
ah yeah.......

  Scattermusic Soundsystem ft. Serocee - East Coast Anthem by Scattermusic

Right gonna wrap it up there for now, keep your eyes peeled for a bigger post on onlyjoe to come.
Also if you in the south west check these events to come out

Big love to you all,,,,,,